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example imageAn enterprising couple, Marilyn a lawyer by profession and Gleyder, a graduate in business administration founded this company in 2003. Since then they have been providing services uninterruptedly to their community. Their commitment and seriousness have earned them the preferential support of their community.

With 10 years of operations and the accumulated experience of all that time, we have set the very specific goal of reaching all the Hispanic communities in the United States. In our own community we have established relationships with the chambers of commerce, which are a most important vehicle to reach the local merchants with solidity and veracity.

Our commitment is to disseminate this financial alternative to all, helping our entrepreneurs to have access to these so necessary funds for their development and growth. We are a highly qualified and professional team, that respects and protects the interests of the companies we

 represent and who back us up, in turn we also focus on helping our clients to attain their commercial objectives.

Our Clients