Join our winning team and get the most out of all your capabilities and contacts. Through our financial products you can help others and gain extra income. MG Financial Services has established relationships with different companies that offer products and services to the small business community:



    Business consultants



    Private lenders





MG Financial Services contemplates two types of relationships with its associates and these will depend on how deeply you will be involved in the lending process. The association types are:

  1. Referral associate
  2. Sales associate

You will be able to identify yourself with each type of associate, taking into account your time availability and your goals with our company.

  1. Referral associate

    Are those associates that know our products and their benefits and have the ability of referring to us, other merchants. It is a simple and rapid process where besides the introduction, it is necessary to obtain the contact information and to coordinate an appointment. Afterward a financial specialist will take charge of closing the process.

  2. Sales associate

    Are those associates that value our financial products as a form of continuing income. It requires proper training and an a prior elementary preparation, which will allow them to rapidly prospect potential clients, set-up appointments and to gather all the information necessary to submit an application and seek its approval as soon as possible.

Both types of association do not require full-time attention, it will only require some minutes of your time and the whole operation takes place in our website. MG Financial Services Corp reserves for itself the complete right of admission, will evaluate each case individually and will make its decision, which will be communicated via e-mail between 48-72 hours.